Department of Public Health Dentistry is involved in assessing the dental health needs and providing effective solutions to improve the dental health of populations rather than individuals. It aims to improve the oral health of the population through preventive and curative services.

By redirection of resources to deprived areas it seeks to reduce demand on health care systems. Department of Public Health Dentistry also deals with planning oral health care programs and camps for populations followed by interventions along with strategies for the prevention and control of oral diseases and promotion of oral health. The community is sensitized towards ill-effects of tobacco by organizing rallies, skits, flash mobs in railway stations, bus depots, schools, red light areas, hospitals and other disadvantage sections of society.



Department conducts and organizes dental out-each programmes among the sections of the society. Through Mobile Dental Van treatment is provided to these poorer sections of society. Oral Health promotion by demonstration of brushing methods, diet counselling, use of other oral hygiene aids to prevent oral disease load in the community is carried out. Patients with habits of tobacco chewing and smoking are counselled against the dangers of oral cancer through guided personalized counselling sessions at tobacco cessation center.


At these centers the patients are examined and given medications and emergency dental treatment like atraumatic restorative treatments & extractions are carried out.