The Department of Orthodontics, is one of the oldest departments in the country having completed more than 80 years of imparting quality orthodontic education and treatment. The department has reached the present level due to the hard work put in by faculty.

Since the inception the department has trained and produced more than 100 orthodontists who have acquired fame not only in India but also internationally. On an average the department treats more than 400-500 patients every week The treatment procedures involve correction of crooked, malaligned, protruded teeth and bad or incorrect bite (Malocclusion), growth modification, TM joint problems, etc.


  • Full Orthodontic treatment (Fixed or Removable)
  • One Arch Orthodontic treatment (fixed and removable)
  • Myofunctional appliances ( Twinblock, Activator, Bionator,- Frankel etc )
  • Orthopaedic Appliances ( Headgear, Reversepull facemask, chincup, Rapid maxillary expansionRME)
  • Expansion with screw (Expansion and Pendex appliances)
  • Quadhelix, pendulum appliance
  • Removable appliances Habit breaking appliances
  • Obturator, - spacemaintainer, space closure, canine retractors, Z spring, Deprogrammer
  • Space maintainer with bands (Transpalatal arch)
  • Nance button/ Lingual arch/ Wilson’s Arch/Lip bumper
  • X-rays-IOPA
  • X-rays –Lateral cephalogram
  • X-rays –OPG
  • Handing over records (study models and X-rays)