A healthcare institute embarks quality to being compassionate to every patient it caters to. Similarly, it also plays a principal role to mould the young minds towards their duty towards mankind. As we plan our strategy for diagnostics, investigation and treatment planning- our core values of care and continuous updating of knowledge moves on to drive our future initiatives. Through our services and relationships, we will enrich and empower our students and deliver superior treatment modalities to our patients.

The Department envisions fostering development of dental graduate and post graduate students during training in the institution with knowledge, necessary skills and reasonable attitude required for carrying out all activities appropriate to general dental practice involving prevention, diagnosis, investigation and treatment of Oral and Maxillofacial pathologies.

The Department inculcates the concept of community oral health and also helps students be efficient in oral cancer screening including early detection, management and follow up of oral precancer and cancer. Department provides mentorship and opportunities for young researchers and clinicians to stimulate innovative thinking, ideas and approaches to assimilate etiopathogenesis and treatment protocols for maxillofacial diseases.


  • Complete Oral Examination with Diagnosis and appropriate referral.
  • Diagnosis, management and follow up of Oral Precancer.
  • Diagnosis, appropriate referral and follow-up of Oral Cancer
  • Diagnosis, management and referral for Oral manifestation of Systemic Diseases.
  • Incisional and Excisional Biopsy for Diagnosis and Management of Oral Mucosal Lesions.
  • Therapeutic USG services for Musculoskeletal Pain in Head and Neck region.
  • Intra-oral radiographs, Panoramic radiograph and CBCT scans for diagnosis and treatment planning.